The Swansea Bitcoin Society

Hello and welcome

Bitcoin Swansea shall now be merging with Bitcoin Wales as a collaborative effort to push for Bitcoin adoption. Please check out our new website. This one is now kept for archive purposes.

This is The Swansea Bitcoin Society based in Swansea, South Wales, United Kingdom. As a society and group we shall be meeting up once a month and hopefully more often if there is enough demand. The Swansea Bitcoin Society aims to be an informal group where people can discuss about Bitcoin and their interest in this fascinating and revolutionary technology. The group is open to people who have a lot of knowledge about Bitcoin or no knowledge at all.

The overwhelmingly positive news about new businesses and technologies that are being created by this new technology and its Blockchain revolution is a fascination that we can all talk about. Hopefully there are others who are also interested in this new technology and perhaps we as a collective can help adoption and growth in the Swansea area.

The Swansea Bitcoin Society aims to:-

  • Create a point of reference for local people.
  • Arrange meet ups for Bitcoin enthusiasts and beginners.
  • Help adoption in the local area.
  • Encourage others to start or take part in Bitcoin related businesses.
  • Help Bitcoin related services develop in the area.

If you wish to join this society then please click on the ‘Join’ option and leave your name and email address for further contact about future meet ups. There will never be a fee for members to join or participate and we will not pass on your details to advertisers. Please also feel free to check out my  personal blog or join our forums. Hopefully we can help the adoption of Bitcoin in Swansea, South Wales to thrive.