Bitcoin As A Content Type

  Thanks to the wonderful and knowledgeable Andreas Antonopoulos I am constantly learning more and more about Bitcoin. With the scale and breadth of Bitcoin as a payments network, remittance network, tipping network, store of value, etc. It is hard to remember what Bitcoin is and what it could one day become. Andreas is constantly coming up with new analogies… Read more →

Bitcoin for Dummies (Part 2)

As talked about in my last blog post, Bitcoin is an open source protocol that allows you to transfer value across the world’s most powerful computing network. The beauty of Bitcoin is the fact that it is a fast and stable foundation for which anyone can build applications on top of. Bitcoin allows programmers to design any financial app they… Read more →

Bitcoin for Dummies (Part 1)

I shall try to simplify what bitcoin is so that hopefully even a child can understand Bitcoin and its possible implications on the world. In today’s world you have money in your bank. For this example we shall say £1000. This £1000 is stored on a banks computer. Nearly everyone’s money is stored electronically on a bank computer. When we make… Read more →

The Tipping Point of Bitcoin?

Services are developing, the Bitcoin network is growing bigger, transactions are increasing and more and more merchants are accepting Bitcoin. We could very well be on the verge of mainstream adoption. 2014 has been the year of growth of the Bitcoin infrastructure which is a good thing! For the public to accept Bitcoin there needs to be places that accept… Read more →

Australia’s Backwards Tax

It seems that Australia has made the mistake of effectively double taxing Bitcoin by classifying it as an asset instead of a currency. This will cause a migration of Bitcoin companies and services to leave the area and migrate to greener pastures. It is already documented that Coinjar , the main Australian Bitcoin exchange shall relocate their main operations to the UK in… Read more →

UK Government is Supportive of Bitcoin

  To my surprise and delight, the UK is taking a sensible approach to Bitcoin and will use minimum intervention in the regulation of this young and growing cryptocurrency. A handful of other western countries already seem to be taking this sensible and pro-capitalist approach. The UK amongst others, is trying to bed itself as a business friendly and technology… Read more →