Finally a Bitcoin ATM in Cardiff

UPDATE:- The unveiling of a Bitcoin ATM in Wales has been postponed and apparently pushed back. I shall keep everyone updated with this event in the future.

There is finally a Bitcoin ATM opening in Cardiff which is being arranged by both Bitcoin Wales and This is a landmark occasion for Bitcoin in Wales and possibly the very beginning of early adoption in the area. Here is a link to more information about the event which is being arranged by Bitcoin Wales. I shall be attending myself and am looking forward to meeting other Bitcoin enthusiasts like myself. I recommend all bitcoin enthusiasts in the area attend this important event. I shall do a write up after the event with more details about what happened. An ATM in the area shall help to drive adoption and justify the use and investment into Bitcoin by many in the area. It is simply the first step forward for many to get involved in Bitcoin and an easy way for many to purchase. I also look forward to meeting the members of Bitcoin Wales who are I am sure are also friendly and enthusiastic.

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